Graduate Student Lightning Talks

Graduate students are encouraged to submit one Lightning Talk to share their creative contributions about some aspect of the themes of the conference: Water & Agriculture, Land & Natural Environment, or Forests & Fire. Lightning Talks of no more than three minutes are pre-recorded video presentations (for example, voice over PowerPoint) submitted as a link (for example, YouTube or Vimeo). Talks should focus on at least one of the three broad conference themes (see description below). Student submissions will be judged by an international panel who will select six talks to be featured during the conference.

Top prize:

Six finalist Lightning Talks will be presented during the IALC Virtual International Conference on 25 May 2021. Finalists will include two students from an Israeli Institution of Higher Education, two students from a Jordanian Institution of Higher Education, and two students from a U.S. Institution of Higher Education. Finalists will be notified of selection by 14 May 2021 and be required to provide the video file to the conference organizers. Upon receipt of the video file, finalists will receive a $100 gift card and international recognition.

All graduate students who submit a Lightning Talk that meets the eligibility criteria (below) will receive a digital certificate of participation. Submitted Lightning Talks may be featured on the IALC conference website.

By submitting a video, authors are giving IALC permission to post the video on the conference website, which may also be shared on social media.

Submission Form

Lightning Talk Submissions Deadline: 30 April 2021

Lightning Talk Presentation Judging Criteria

  • Include three sections: (1) background and significance, (2) body, and (3) key results and/or conclusions
  • Background and significance of the research, development activity, and/or outreach issues/question(s) being addressed
  • Body includes clearly described methodology or activity
  • Key results and conclusions thoroughly explained to a non-specialist audience
  • Clear, logical, concise presentation
  • Adequate time for each element of the presentation
  • Video no longer than 3 minutes


  • Current graduate student from an eligible institution
    • Israeli Institution of Higher Learning
    • Jordanian Institution of Higher Learning
    • United States Institution of Higher Learning
  • Talk should focus on at least one of the three conference themes:
    • Water and Agriculture - The management of water for sustainable use in the agriculture, municipal and industrial sectors and by nature.
    • Land and Natural Environment - The management of land for sustainable use and conservation.
    • Forests and Fire - The management of forests for sustainable use and conservation.
  • Registered for the IALC International Conference (registration is free):
  • Length of talk: no more than 3 minutes
  • Author’s face must be visible in video
  • Presentation slides and talks should be in English. If presenters speak using another language, English subtitles are required
  • Once notified of Finalist status, students must provide the original video file to the conference organizers in order to receive the $100 gift card.
  • Available for questions and discussion on 25 May 2021 during the networking session (if possible)